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Horse Stall Flooring & Rubber Mats

Promat Inc. invented the revolutionary StableComfort™ horse stall flooring system over a decade ago. Since then, StableComfort™ has been installed in horse stables around the globe.

StableComfort™ reproduces the characteristics of natural pasture, providing a comfortable surface for your horse to rest on. On this wall-to-wall water-proof stall flooring system, horses have the confidence to walk, rise, and lay down without fear of slipping.

StableComfort™ is the most comprehensive and readily-available product on the market today. This horse stall flooring system is not only ergonomic, efficient and economical, but environmentally friendly. Here at Promat Inc., we are strong supporters of a non-draining stall flooring system. By removal of bacteria-causing waste from the stall, ammonia levels are significantly reduced. Muck-out time is greatly reduced due to the element of comfort being built into the system. Through the savings on bedding, labor, maintenance and veterinarian costs, this system pays for itself in a very short time while providing unbeatable comfort.

Promat Inc. also offers premium solid horse rubber mats. Not to be confused with rubber mats available at your local hardware store, our premium solid rubber horse stall mats are versatile yet flexible and manufactured exclusively with the highest content of premium virgin rubber. Specifically designed for high traffic areas in the barn and have proven to be the most durable. Promat solid horse rubber mats are available in straight edge as well as interlocking.

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